Hello, Hola, Allô!

Originally from the beautiful Canadian province of Quebec, gypsy Monika feels like her background is from a bit of everywhere. She carries with her different cultures, traditions, languages and customs from Latin America right to the Middle East. 

"I'm often inspired by the many different landscapes that have illustrated my life: from early childhood in a small town of Quebec, Canada; my tweenties in Alberta, Canada; my travels across central and south America; most recently, my current home in the biggest city in the world, Mexico City".

Monika studied in pre-press graphic design, in 2D/3D animation and graphic design. Most recently in concept art. As she has been doing art since the day she stopped chewing her pencils, Monika shares an insight most can appreciate. “Art provides continuous learning. Being creative is simply something I’ll be doing for the rest of my life, no matter where I am in the world”.

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with a passion for ILLUSTRATIONS