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Who is MK?

MK is a zealous graphic designer and illustrator with a background in art and count many years of experience creating corporate documents such as annual reports, branding, marketing, and illustration. She is versatile, can work traditionally or digitally and has a keen eye for detail.


Besides working as a graphic designer, she is a firm believer that life is all about learning. She constantly improves her skills and upgrades her knowledge. She has spent the last years adding strings to her bow in a variety of fields such as illustration, packaging, video content creation, social media management, Web3, NFTs, and e-commerce as well as learning a third language: Spanish.


When she is not in front of her computer working, you can find her backpacking discovering the world, dancing salsa or drawing on her iPad.

What makes MK tick?

MK is an artist at her core, a free spirit in her soul, and a humanitarian in her blood.

She thrives in an environment that allows her to combine her passion while having the deep feeling of contributing to helping the planet earth become a better world.

MKLarochelle, @mk_larochelle, @mklarochelleartist, about me, about, monika, art, nft,flexitarian, packaging, future, clean technology
Meeting Between Colleagues

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