What makes MK tick?

MK is an artist at her core, a free spirit in her soul, and humanitarian in her blood.

She thrives in an environment that allows her to combine her passion while having the deep feeling of contributing to helping the planet earth become a better world.

How does she do that?

It all starts with small steps. She identifies herself as #Flexitarian, because she is still working her way toward veganism. She recognizes the struggle that a lot of people have when having to choose to eat or hurt an animal for survival. Animal lover, eating meat is not her first choice and will never be. This is why she is so excited about the #FUTURE. Technology is bringing solutions to the survival of humanity while being able to take care of the biodiversity, our animals, and the planet. This is the reason that you will see some work done with an interest in cultivated meat or more commonly named: Lab meat.

Because there isn't future humanity without clean technology.

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Also, she is a firm believer of #cryptocurrency and #NFTs and can't wait to see where this journey will bring the people surrounding her and herself. She has already sold her first Art NFT and plans on working on an art project NFT.

Technology, Humanity, and Passion are the key to the planet and her own success.

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