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Produits Alimentaires du Lion 
Collection of dips & fondues

Packaging | Branding


Produits Alimentaires du Lion


Chambly, Quebec, Canada




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Brand personality

  • Courageous

  • Humble

  • Unbeatable

  • Doesn't give up

  • Quality

  • Wise

Who is Produits Alimentaires du Lion

Produits Alimentaires du Lion is a small company that sells dips and chocolate fondues to an allergic or intolerance-free audience.


Meaning of "Du Lion"

Du lion is French for Of the Lion. The owner wanted to show that he was not the type of giving up on his dreams even after a big fall. The Lion represents himself. In his country, the lion is seen as courageous, wise, and unbeatable.


The client has reached out to me to redesign the visual of his collection of dips and chocolate fondues. He needed a logo as well as a visual that would suggest a higher quality product.
He needed something that would speak to his audience.

The goal was for him to reach a broader market in the province of Quebec
and increase his sales.

The targeted audience

Gender: Women / Men

Age: 25 to 50

Location: Quebec, Canada

Special traits:

  • Looking for healthy options

  • Looking for vegan options

  • Looking for allergy-free options

  • Looking for flavors


The product description

  • Gluten-free

  • Dairy-free

  • Nuts-free

  • Peanuts-free

  • Sulfites-free

  • GMS-free

old labeling, orange, spinach, lid, sticky label, stickers, container, dip

It all started with...

M. Nitiwé is from Cameroon and lives in Quebec, Canada. He has always had the dream of sharing his origins with the rest of the world. A way that he found to do this, was to create different dips and chocolate fondues that reflect his native country in terms of flavors. This is how Les Trempettes du Lion started. His products with unique flavors have been adopted by the Quebec people quickly. 

Facing challenging times..

In 2019, the partnership between the 2 owners got dismantled and in 2020 M. Felix Nitiwé was left by himself. It was a hard hit as he lost everything he had accomplished and feared that he could never continue under the same name.

fruits, chocolate fondue, stickers, sticky label, plastic, old design
old design, chocolate fondue, in-mold container, labeling, dark chocolate, sea-salt caramel

The Lion raises again...

He didn’t give up on his dream of having his own line of products that reflects his origins. In 2020, he restarted selling his dips. In the beginning, the client was struggling to reach more visibility in the market as he knew that he needed to improve the quality of the product’s image.


Time for a change

This is when he reached out to us. He wanted better containers and better visuals.


This project has been made in collaboration with Plastiques Horizon. We had the idea of launching a collection to make it sounds more authentic. Plastiques Horizon was able to provide in-mold labeling containers which differ a lot in terms of the quality of a regular container with a sticky label, creating higher-quality containers to see and touch.

produits alimentaires du lion, logo, branding, new image, image de marque, cameroon, retail

A logo

The client didn’t have a proper logo and no brand. The products were not conveying the right message to the right audience.
The challenge was to bring these products to be seen as high-quality products and in the meantime, to gain value.

M. Thierry Rochette and I developed a concept together. We came up with the idea of creating a collection of dips and fondues to make it sounds more valuable and of better quality.

For this, we needed a logo and because many other products would be eventually created, the name of Trempettes du Lion didn't suit the products anymore. We suggested changing the name to Produits Alimentaires du Lion to allow expansion in the future.

The logo was created following the core values of the company: courageous, humble, unbeatable, of quality, wise, and perseverance.

Any obstacles or challenges?

The main obstacle that I encountered during the process of creating the labels was that there was a lot of information and not much space to include it.


Also, I had to study the Canadian nutritional facts table guideline as I was new to this industry and acquaint myself with the world of barcodes. Which I found very interesting.

Were there some insights?

Being a fan of vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free products, I was very interested in working on a project like that. I connected with these products right away.

I became a barcode and nutritional fact nerd!
Who spends hours per day reading about those topics? Me!

layout of dip container, in-mold, lids, label, design, collection, cameroon,

Why did I choose this approach?

I chose to use white as the main color. In the store, there were a lot of colors used for the dips in the refrigerated sections. His original dips containers were orange and blended with all the colors we can find in the dip sections. This approach of using white made the client’s products stand out from the competition as he is the only one with white containers.


White was used to keeping it clean and have a light look.
After all, these products are supposed to talk to an audience that cares about their health.


We wanted to increase the value of the product by giving it a fancier twist.
We wanted to make it look like a well-established brand.
Something solid, but light at the same time.

Because the client’s values were: courageous, humble, and of quality,
but the product itself is light and healthy.

IGA, grocery store, shelves, shelf, refrigerated products, dips, healthy, vegetables, fondues

The outcome!!

At the end of 2020, he restarted selling his dips under Produits Alimentaires du Lion, a completely new visual, looking more professional than before. The client was able to reach a wider market.


He started to sell in the Montreal region and is now selling through the entire province of Quebec in every IGA grocery store.


Following this effort, a refrigerated Sprinter Van was added to the company making the deliveries much easier and securing a spot on the best shelves in the stores.

Congratulations to M. Nitiwé who worked hard to achieve this goal!


Did I learn someting?

I learned a lot while doing this project. Not only did I broaden my knowledge in regard to graphic design but I also discovered a true passion for packaging and retail. Everything started here with these amazing dips and chocolate fondues!

Do I feel proud of this product?

I succeeded in creating 9 labels under the same collection
with each one of them having its unique characteristic
all while following the client’s expectations and requirements.

Did it exceed my expectation?

It did!
Especially when I saw it in the stores!!
I’m proud of my work and the team also was very satisfied with the final product.
The client said that it gave him a sense of pride and that he finally felt that he reached a higher quality market.

herbs illustration, vegetables, green, white, lineart, background


Creative ideas by Thierry Rochette 
Containers by Plastiques Horizon

Research by Monika Larochelle

Content by Produits Alimentaires du Lion & Thierry Rochette

Product name and tagline by Monika Larochelle & Thierry Rochette
Design, illustration & production by Monika Larochelle
Project Management by Monika Larochelle

Case Study by Monika Larochelle

Mockups by Yellow Images

Photographies & Elements


Produits Alimentaires du Lion:

Meeting Between Colleagues

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