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Lab Meat | Chicken Breasts
Personal Packaging Project
Because I want to design for the food of the future!


GOOD Meat /




San Francisco, USA




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Brand personality

Encouraging a positive outlook of the main world problem by educating and bringing innovative solutions to the table.

Core values

  • Healthy for the planet, animals & human

  • Minimalistic

  • Technologic

  • Luxury

Who is GOOD Meat?

Eat Just is a food technology company with a mission to build a healthier, safer and more sustainable food system in our lifetimes. The company's expertise, from functionalizing plant proteins to culturing animal cells (GOOD Meat), is powered by a world-class team of scientists and chefs spanning more than a dozen research disciplines. Eat Just created America’s fastest-growing egg brand, which is made entirely of plants, and the world’s first-to-market meat made from animal cells instead of slaughtered livestock. The company has been recognized as one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies,” Entrepreneur’s “100 Brilliant Companies,” CNBC’s “Disruptor 50” and a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer. 


Their purpose?
This is GOOD Meat -- Real meat, made without tearing down a forest or taking a life.


Create the visual of 2 lab-made chicken breasts package for an audience of young innovatives. People passionate by the tech industry living in Singapore who is ready to lead the future of food and care about the health of the planet , animals as well as their own health.
This will be the first visual to be available to the public for retail.

The targeted audience

Young couples / no kids
Gender: Equal

Age: 25 to 35

Location: Singapore

Special traits:

  • Care for all living beings

  • Care for the planet

  • Interested in technology

  • Future optimistics

The product description

A product that take care of the animal, planet and human health all at the same time. Making meat from, cells, GOOD Meat uses far fewer resources. It emits 92 percent fewer carbon emissions and uses 95 percent less land.


And the best part?

We still have meat.

What is my point-of-view regarding lab-meat?

I was excited to work on this project because I’m very interested on knowing where the future leads us in terms of food. I first heard of GOOD Meat in a video made by NAS Daily “You Will Eat This Guilt Free Meat in 5 Years 1” back in April 2021. Since then, I knew I wanted to do something creative about this new technology.


It is inevitable that our way to consume needs to change. There isn’t enough food for everyone, not enough space, and water to grow and produce enough food for everyone, and above all, we have to respect all living beings that this beautiful planet has to offer to us.


Change is necessary, and as Nuseir from Nas Talks one said in episode #23 of his podcast on Spotify: “If you are optimistic about the future, you want to be part of it, you should invest in the future, invest in humanity” 2. Humanity will always find a way to solve problems. This is exactly what optimistic leaders are doing at the moment, because they believe there is a solution by creating the  food of the future.


That makes me very excited for the future.

Should cultured meat be allowed to be called meat at all if it hasn't been harvested from a whole animal? - source from The Guardian

Labelling cultured meat is yet to be defined

The Guardian - January 19, 2020

The United States announced last year that cell-cultured livestock and poultry products would be regulated jointly by the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Agriculture but further
detailed requirements along with labeling rules are awaited.

So far, the industry has done a good job of arguing that its products are meat. While debate continues within the cultured meat industry about exactly what adjective to put in front (“clean meat” was dropped because funders in the conventional meat industry didn’t like the “dirty” connotation it gave conventional meat), the “meat” is a constant – which asserts its claim to be either a subcategory of meat or just meat. “I actually think the word ‘meat’ does more work [than any of the adjectives],” says Neil Stephens, a sociologist at Brunel University, London, who has been studying the area for over a decade and co-founded the group Cultivate to help build discussion of the technology.


And if Tetrick (Eat Just CEO Josh Tetrick) has his way, using any sort of prefix won’t be necessary for long. Phones were only called Smartphones at the beginning, he points out. “As something normalises you drop it. At the end of the day this thing is going to be called meat1.”

How do you design something that has never been on the market and is so innovative or even futuristic that it could be scary for the consumers?

Some research was necessary...

Who will eat it?

The Guardian - January 19, 2020

"There is also the challenge of getting consumers over the “yuck” factor". Stephens notes that  the people prepared to try it tend to be educated, male and young – and that it is they who could help normalise it. 

Businesswire - May 18, 2021

The JW Marriott Singapore South Beach’s decision reinforces the results of a recent survey of consumer and restaurant preferences conducted by a leading management consulting firm. 
Two-thirds of consumers polled said they were open to substituting conventional meat with cultured meat and more than 80% of restaurant operators said they envisioned cultured meat replacing all conventional meat in the
next 10 years

Are the consumers
ready for this?

Chicken Farm, love toward animals and chicken, chicken as a pet, friends, young, no harm,

Time to grab the pen and design...

What to think while designing?

I started by sketching different type of containers, some more innovative than others. I kept asking myself: is it an efficient container? Is it stackable for transportation? Is it going to be eye catching? Is it going to reflect the audience needs? Can I find biodegradable material for this? All while being planet friendly and reducing overwrapping when possible and keeping the values of the company in mind.


I decided to choose this option that is not that innovative but responds very good to all those questions.

Who will use this package, and how?

We are talking about a younger audience that can afford this type of meat. Youngs professionals who are interested in technology and the future of food. Individuals who care for the planet as well as for animals and their health. They probably don’t have many kids if they have any. I thought, no need to make big packages for them. They need something that they can use individually.


Therefore the package can be split in 2 without affecting the vacuum seal of the package. This way, a person can eat one breast one day and freeze the other one for later if they want.


With this in mind, I also needed a way to get rid of the container. It wouldn’t match very well the core values of the company if we were going to use plastic. This is how I came out with a material 100% biodegradable that mimics plastic and made of cornstarch. This is due to the properties of the material: full biodegradability, safety for the environment, lack of toxins, resistance to very low and high temperatures, fat, and water resistance.

Illustrating solutions

The illustration under the chicken breasts was to represent a fresh salad with chicken on top in a plate which we can find on the GOOD Meat website. I also included underneath the chicken breasts instructions on how to dispose of the container.


On top of this, I thought it would be great to help prevent deforestation and integrate few not harmful plant seeds inside the package. I’m aware that we won’t seed trees as this could be a problem in cities, but plants could be great to help disintegrate other trashes in the landfill.

Any obstacles or challenges?

The main challenge was that this product doesn’t exist yet in grocery stores and that it brings a lot of controversy. The United-States and the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Agriculture are struggling to find the proper way to identify this product for the public safety. It is not known yet exactly how they will proceed. For this reason, I decided for my project to treat it just as REAL MEAT, because after all, this is how Eat Just / GOOD Meat wishes to be recognized.

Were there some insights?

I never thought that one day I would be measuring a chicken breast!

Uncooked Poultry, raw meat, chicken, chicken breasts, rosemary, seasonings, table cloth, stone plate, cooking

Do I feel proud of this product?

This is my first project designing an entire package, thinking of the material, the usage and the disposal. I’m quite proud of what I did for being by first one. I learned a lot while doing this project and I really hope to get opportunities to bring to the table my skills and knowledge in this field.

Did it exceed my expectation?

Absolutely! This project was made in collaboration with Javier Reyes Delpech whom took care of making the 3D model of this specific container. I’m pretty proud of the final result of our work.


Brief by Javier Reyes Delpech / Monika Larochelle

Research by Monika Larochelle

Content by GOOD Meat

Product name by Monika Larochelle 
Design, illustration & production by Monika Larochelle

Art Direction by Monika Larochelle

3D modeling/mockups by Javier Reyes Delpech
Project Management by Monika Larochelle

Case Study by Monika Larochelle

Website by Monika Larochelle

Photographies & Elements




1 Yassin, Nuseir. “You Will Eat This Guilt Free Meat in 5 Years.” Youtube, uploaded by Nas Daily, 3 Apr. 2021,

2 Yassin, Nuseir. “EP23: How We Invest Our Money...and love it.” Spotify, uploaded by Nas Talks, December 2020


3 Corbyn, Zoë. “Out of the Lab and into Your Frying Pan: The Advance of Cultured Meat.” The Guardian,, 19 Jan. 2020,

4 Noyes, Andrew. “GOOD Meat, a Division of Eat Just, Inc., Secures $170 Million to Scale Meat Without Slaughter as Demand Grows.” Businesswire, 18 May 2021,

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This design is featured on Design Rush - Best Design Award. To see more incredible talents visit:

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