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Monika is a trilingual
Sr. Graphic Designer based out of
Edmonton, CA. 
MK aka Monika is currently working
as a Graphic Designer and also freelance
to provide labeling and branding solutions
to small and start-up enterprises from coast to coast, in French, English or Spanish.


Welcome to my

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Chambly, QC

Branding & Graphic Designer - Product Branding

Product Branding & Labeling

My client needed to upgrade the visual of his business and products as well as to add new ones to the new collection that was to be sold in grocery stores. The client didn’t have a logo, so I helped him to gain visibility in the retail industry by developing a visual identity that matches the core values of the company as well as a series of labels for the containers of the new collection.

Nine products have been launched following this effort. Sold in Quebec as for now.

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Chambly, QC

Branding & Graphic Designer - Product Branding

Product Branding & Labeling

My client had a new product that needed a visual identity to stand out from the competition on the stores’ shelves. I developed an identity and the labelsfor the new product. Two formats were produced for this product as well as a vegan version. Will be sold in Quebec in the coming weeks.

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Kelowna, BC

Branding & Graphic Designer - Advisor


New housing development located at two minutes walking distance from the lake needed branding. This was in the optic of reaching a professionaland adventurous audience attracted by smaller condos and who wants to reduce their footprints. I developed a brand that matches the core values of the company. With this effort, the client was able to present his innovativeproject to the city of Kelowna.


Edmonton, AB

Branding & Graphic Designer - Advisor


I developed a logo for a Government program who aims to help young Francophones aged 15 to 35 find a job or develop the necessary knowledge to integrate into the workplace.


Sainte-Claire, QC

Branding & Graphic Designer - Advisor


I developed a logo for a small family business that focuses on repairing and manufacturing parts and equipmentfor the agricultural and industrial sectors. The challenge was to create a logo that would be possible to make in metal.The family is happy with the result and told me that it reflects exactly what they are doing.Sweaters and branded products were created following this effort.


Edmonton, AB

Web Designer & Web Integrator

Portfolio website + Business Card

A photographer was in need of a simple online presence to promotehis brand and present his portfolio to potential clients.
I helped himby creating a website on WIX and his business cards while following his brand and his budget.

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Boischâtel, QC

Graphic Designer, Digital Content, and FB & Linked In Publisher

Internal Marketing

During Covid-19, new strategies were developed to reach dealerships and help them gain confidence in hosting sale events by providing innovative ways to attract their clients. One of them was olfactory marketing.My role was to find visual solutions to reflect these ideas. Other content: hiring, promotions, sale results, videos, etc.


Lévis, QC

Graphic Designer, Digital Content, and FB Publisher

Product Branding & Labeling

During Covid-19, many dealerships saw their sales dropping drastically. While reopening slowly the province, they restarted having sale events. Our digital marketing was the key to helping them increase their results. I was in charge of creating consistent visuals for different platforms while following each automobile brand as well as collecting promotions and info from the dealerships.


Montreal, QC

Graphic Designer, Digital & Traditional mktg content, FB publisher

Traditional & Digital Campaign

Organizing an automobile sale event is a hard task as it involves a lot of people in different fields to be successful.This is why most dealerships use the help of marketing agencies to help them reach their monthly sale goal. I was using a well-established marketing system that helped to create, print and, publish entire campaigns within 24 hours if needed.


Boucherville, QC

Graphic Designer, Traditional Mktg

Traditional Campaign

Some dealerships receive their promotions from the head office ahead of time and it allows them to create longer marketing campaigns. The clients were satisfied as they kept using our services every month.I was in charge of collecting the info from the dealerships, creating the visuals, and ordering prints.

Presentation Decks_2x-100.jpg

Boischâtel, QC

Graphic Designer, Internal Marketing - Advisor

Presentation Decks - Internal Mktg

During Covid-19, the owner of the marketing agency needed to generate more sales.She was presenting our services to leads that more than often were converted into clients. I created digital and/or printed presentations as well as ordered prints.

Happy Clients

What they have to say

"I loved doing business with Monika. She offered a fast, professional and courteous service. She cares about her client’s needs and lead projects according to the values and tastes of the organization. Her creativity optimizes the first ideas and enhances the quality of the project. The well established process and working methods allowed me to follow up the evolution of the logo and knowing what step was coming next. I really recommend Monika for logo design services. You won’t be disappointed".

Nicolas Fillion —   Owner

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Thank you
for watching


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